What it means to be a Freemason – film by UGLE

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short-filmUnited Grand Lodge have released several short films about Freemasonry, and you will find a couple here on the website. I came across this video on Facebook and thought it explained what we do rather well. So here it is

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The sun is here

I have a day off!!!! So that day will be spent in the garden with the family. Jamie has a new pet Rabbit, I’m sure that will be getting quite a bit of attention. Enjoy the sun guys!!

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Today’s venue


Today I’m being spoilt with a nice classroom to teach in. Good facilities!


And here is the outside, very nice building.

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If you’re a good man, honest and true,
then Freemasonry is just right for you.

There’s lots of degrees, but you start with just three.
Apprentice then fellow then master you’ll be.

Many good men these secrets have sought,
and having found them, it’s helped improve their life’s lot.

Becoming a better man, that’s Freemasonry’s aim,
and to help others achieve the same.

Not just to Brothers, but to every man-jack.
The more help you give, the more pleasure you get back.

Regular attendance and a visit or two,
will help you understand what the office bearers do.

One day, that high up chair you may reach
and if you get there try hard not to preach.

Instead persevere to keep it level and square,
and remember there’s always more to learn; everyday, everywhere.

Then at the end of your life’s last day,
may it be your portion to hear others say,

“He was a good man, honest and true,
always helped others, only his best would do.

The Lodge will miss him on their meeting night.”
So if this is what you hear, then maybe just maybe, YOU GOT IT RIGHT!!

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A Sunny Weekend

Well the good news is the Sun is supposed to show itself over the weekend. Great news! We have had enough of the damp miserable weather. 

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that the news has gone away from the floods. I think they should still be talking about it as I’m sure the people affected still need help. I do think that more money needs to go their way instead of abroad. we are very keen to help other countries, how many countries sent money to us to help our flood victims? 

May the sunshine on everyone!

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The view from today’s classroom.




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Todays view



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